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Beech Baron Manual Cowl Flap STC

To improve the control of the engine cowl flap, the original electro-mechanical mechanism is replaced with a simple mechanical system. The electrical system is subjected to service problems due to wear and the environment surrounding the engine exhaust. The modification consists of removing the electrical motor and installing a push-pull wire cable system. This new system allows for control of the cowl flap door and corresponding manifold temperatures. It also offers improved control by allowing infinite position control between the open and closed positions. Two independent controls are installed, one for each engine.

To install the new system, two tee handle controls are mounted in the cockpit’s center pedestal. These are connected to idler links with a wire cable. The links are mounted to each firewall. A connecting rod completes the connection from the idler to the cowl door. A pull on the tee handle closes the cowl flap door and reduces the airflow through the cowling.

Cowl Flap1 Cowl Flap2
Cowl Flap3 Cowl Flap4